Who I am

Hi, I'm George, the designer behind Inspireoo Studio.

I have always been studying new techniques to improve my knowledge, face new challenges and do my best to every project. I've been working with brands and clients in the latest years and I've gained valuable experience doing so.

I've created this website for you, dear viewer, so you can get to know me on a personal level. Here you can see my personal achievements as a graphic designer, my portfolio, my process of work, my blog (soon) and so much more.

In case, you want to see my full logofolio click here!

What I do

I collaborate with ambitious brands and people helping them achieve their business goals with my design solutions. My passion is to provide efficient, professional and friendly service. The communication between me and the client is imperative to our success. Creating the perfect product for your brand is my top priority!

Mad Skillz

Logotype, Logo Guideline, Packaging, Branding Rules & Guidelines, Identity Element


Every feedback is highly appreciated. Here is what some of my clients have to say about me and my work.

Adam Roth

George was excellent in designing our logo. His communication was better than any other freelancer that I have worked with and his design skills are perfect. He comes highly recommended.

Nikolay Panov

If you're looking for an amazingly well-made design, crafted in no time by a responsible and creative designer, message George and be astonished by his work of art! It was a pleasure to work with Inspireoo!

Simeon Lalov

His skills to look through people's eyes as he makes the designs is what everybody should search for...and he has it. In fact, he contributes with a charming ideas that would surprise you. Having him, to your side, is only a plus for you!

Yana Marinova

George is very motivated and full of creative ideas. It's very easy to work with him as he has a keen eye for what the client really wants. I have no doubt he would be of great value for any company or organisation. Highly recommended.

Elmira Petkova

George is an awesome designer and it was a real pleasure to work with him. For a short period of time he created a design that fits perfectly with the spirit of the brand and looks amazing! Thanks, George!
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