Z-Motors Brand Identity


Z-Motors is a newly founded company based in Germany. They are focused on bringing old retro cars back to life with new electric engines and much more improvements.

The Moodboard

I began by creating a moodboard of images that represent the brand. That led to setting a certain tone of voice and defining a few keywords.
Aggressive, Speed, Electric, Car, Modern, Flash, Lightning

The Identity

Electric engines and car restorations are what the brand is specialized in which inspired the logo design. That's a combination of a lightning and a restore symbol which forms an abstract Z. The colors play a huge role in communicating the key features of the brand. The orange color in the design represents the creativity of the team, but it's also a color that is related to energy and electricity. The navy blue color represents knowledge, power, and trust. Speed is another brand attribute that needs to be communicated through the logo because the team is mostly focused on building fast cars. I've tried to convey that by using an italic font.

Brand Elements

Building a brand is not just designing the logo, but creating a system of components which work together. Keeping consistency while designing the brand components is really important, as they have to convey the same message and be recognizable.