Yoloo Popcorn Brand Identity


Yoloo Popcorn is a family business started by a young family who followed their dreams. They offer 4 unique and gourmet popcorn flavours. They hand-make the best quality popcorn using the finest ingredients, which they source locally as much as possible. Well-popped, well-seasoned, and always made and packaged in small batches for ultimate freshness.

The Idea

I was asked to brand this family popcorn business. They wanted something eye-catching, colourful and childish. The idea was to incorporate a popcorn box.I gave them three concepts and they really liked the one which has some popcorn flying out of the box. Honestly, this one was my favourite too.

The Identity

As a brand designer, I wanted my creation to have a good digital as well as offline application. Also, I knew that the logo needs to fit in small sizes. That's why I decided to make a special version for that case.

Popcorn Flavours

They had four unique popcorn flavours and I wanted to make different colour schemes for every one of them. This will boost Yoloo's brand a level above the others.