PetBoardings Brand Identity


PetBoardings is a small hotel for your pet. Тhey also allows pet owners to quickly and easily find someone to care for their pet while they are away, whether they own a cat, dog or small animal. Pet sitters are something new to the world, but if you have a pet you will understand the struggle you have when you have to go on vacation and you can't get the dog with you.

The Moodboard

Setting the moodboard is a long and difficult process but it's really important for creating a successful brand identity. This will give a clear vision of the style, the emotion, the message and the direction of the design. Coming up with a verbal description of key brand's values and features is really important to make sure the client is on the same page as me.
Pets, Love, House, Hotel, Dog, Bold

The Identity

I wanted the design to look friendly and to have something that instantly indicates that the brand is all about pets' home. I tried different things but in the end, I decided to use a combination of a paw and a house. Sometimes the simplest solution is the best solution. I think it really represents the brand values. I also incorporated the symbol into the name. This gives more uniqueness to the logotype. Using the house and the paw I designed a good brand element which can be used in signs, business cards, posters and many more. I understand the value of video in this era, that's why I animated the logo. The animated logo can be used as an intro to the video.