Empire Brand Identity


Empire is a newly founded company focused on making indoor and outdoor ramps and equipment for skate and BMX. The high-end quality of their products pushed them to the top in the niche, but they were missing something! That's why their team approached me to design their brand identity. They were planning to make a big move and open new shops for BMX and skate equipment.

The Moodboard

Understanding the core values that need to be reflected in the brand is hard work. Most of the time I start with making a moodboard with images for inspiration. The moodboard usually sets the emotion of the design.
Speed, Urban, Street, Empire, Skate, Ramps, Aggressive

The Identity

During the design sketching, I came up with the idea of incorporating castle tower and ramps in one shape. After a couple of experiments, I found the best shape and colours. I wanted to make the logo as simple as possible, that's why I decided to use negative space. The logo appeared simple, unique and has this urban vibe. Their team really liked the emblem style of the logo.

Brand Elements

To complete the whole brand I made some branding elements such as business cards and badges. This will help them stand out even more on the market.


Making a community always helps the brand to grow. Empire's team wanted their customers to feel like a family. That's why they decided to make some hoodies, t-shirts, caps, and stickers for skateboards