Amore Flowers Brand Identity


Flowers and plants are always appropriate, no matter the occasion. Whether you’re shopping for roses for your sweetheart or you want to surprise your husband at the office with a lush bonsai plant, they have got you covered. Amore Flowers is a small flower-delivery company in Bulgaria, specializing in delivery fresh and beautiful bouquets. They also give palms for rent and make landscape designs.

The Identity

I really wanted a bold, simple and creative logotype. The company name is Amore Flowers. Amore means love in Italian, that's why I decided to incorporate that into the logo. The mark is a combination of heart and flower. I used bold outlines to help the logo stand out even more. This also helps the logo usage in a single color. The colors are inspired by the color of the flower I use as inspiration. The symbol works perfectly in small size and this makes me design a pattern from it. The pattern will be used in the brand assets such as business cards, birthday cards, and bags.

UI/UX Design

They also asked me to do their web design, here are some of the screens I did for them. Again, I'm using bold fonts and the same color scheme to keep the brand guidelines. To improve the user experience I decided to make the design as simple as possible. This will help the user to navigate easily. I also used pictures that I took with my phone. Overall they wanted a modern looking site and I think they got it.